You have heard of a famous treasure being held in a cave, but a guard is guarding it, you can only lie your way out, lie to other people and increase your lying skills to a extent that the guard will be fooled.


Basic W-A-S-D movement with click for interaction with dialogue boxes.


1) Approach an NPC, communicate with him, and get a mission/quest. You will (After accepting a quest) see a black sqaure somewhere on screen, thats the marker follow it to proceed in completing the mission.

2) Complete missions by NPCs that they give, (Be careful they can lie too) and return answer them by lying or telling truth. Lying will increase your skills if they dont catch you lying. (Telling truth will increase their trust, if less)

3) Accepting fake missions (Usually sounding like spam) will lead to a life loss (Loose 5 lives and game is over) when reached to the marker. (Usually a blink of black screen)

3)Level up to 10 (Full bar) and lie to the guard to let you in.


4) The treasure was a lie, game over. Its actually not, If you see closely you will see your detect lie button in background click it to proceed.

5) Same as step (4) but this time it will be fainter

6) At either ends of the water you will see faint white ground, you can walk on that to get your treasure

7) Congratulations you won the game

Note: I am not this evil of game developer as this game portray me. I am really a nice guy :)


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I really enjoyed!