"Man's brain is originally like a little 'empty attic' and  it is a mistake to think that the little room has 'elastic walls', there comes a time, when for every addition of knowledge you forget something you knew before." 

-Sherlock Holmes, Study in Scarlet

Every ninja has a power of learning anything he wishes in no time. However... you being you, are not so good at it. You can only learn a limited things after which, to learn anything new you have to unlearn something...

Try solving the puzzles in each level to reach to the castle only with some limited abilities...

How to play

  • A-D to move Left and Right
  • Spacebar/W to jump
  • Mouse click to attack
  • To replace any ability with new one when popped up, click on the abilites below, to not replace the ability click on the cancel button on bottom right


  • Some times your limitations can create opportunities to overcome them

Prototyped in 48 hours for BYOG GameJam 2020

Development log


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awesome . this one was tricky


Really enjoyed the game!!